Lesbo Femdom Fun

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In Femdom

Check out this latest adventure from In Femdom! Ariel is a brunette girl who loves to be called Miss, as in “yes Miss” and when she got together for some gorgeous lesbian fun with Laura and Laura forgot to call her Miss, well things got a little interesting. Before Laura could get the word “Miss” out of her mouth it was too late and Ariel had a collar on her quicker than she could refuse. Strapped in to a collar and cuffs Laura was thrown on to the bed where she lay helplessly as Ariel tugged down her bustier and pulled out her nubbies. Laura couldn’t help but get juicy when Ariel grabbed her nipples and twisted them until it hurt.

The more that Ariel tried to bully her the wetter Laura’s cunt got and while she’d never dare ask for more she thought she’d slip right off the bed when Ariel lifted her legs over her head and started to smack her love bud. Laura’s pink flaps were so soaked by this time that Ariels hand ended up wet as well and all Laura could think about was Ariel leaning down just once to lick her smooth slit.

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Katty Seduces Her Friend

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Bet On Lesbian Sex

Everyone is a winner here! Check out the latest lesbo conquest from Bet On Lesbian Sex. Two rich gals have too much free time on their hands, so they decided to make a bet to see who could seduce the most women. Katty, the black haired teeny in tonight’s adventure takes the lead tonight, when she seduces her study partner.

One minute they’re studying for their exam later this week, the next minute Katty is making her move. Her friend is nervous and shy, but Katty isn’t going to give up easily. She soon talks her friend into taking off her clothes and to do some experimenting. Soon Katty was licking her friend’s soaking smooth vagina, officially scoring a point for herself in the lesbian contest. But it didn’t stop there. Soon her friend was licking Katty’s slit too!

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Sex Slave Bound And Pumped

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Sex Captive Bound And Fucked

Wow, check out this wild and kinky adventure from the Bizarre Mature Club. This one features a smoking sexy lesbian mistress and her disobedient lesbo sex captive. The dominatrix was tired of her slave acting up, so she decided it was time to teach her a lesson. She brought her into the basement and proceeded to bind her down to a cold black slab.

The sex captive was no longer able to move and she was really getting nervous about her torture. The mistress started out rough, whipping her floozy into submission. Then she pulled her sex slaves thong out of the way so that she could finger the tender snatch. The slave liked that, but she was nervous when her mistress put on a giant black sextoy. It looked like it could rip apart her tight slit and leave her scared.

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Horny Teeny Seduces Her Classmate

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Lesbian Sex

Katty, the black haired teen and her friend decided to have a little contest. They decided that who ever could sleep with the most women would win a new car, that the other gal would have to buy. I guess this is what rich beauties with too much free time on their hands do when they get bored. It sounds like something a bunch of frat boys would do, but this is so much hotter to watch!

Check out this steamy photos from this Bet On Lesbian Sex adventure. Katty was losing, so she decided to call up her classmate, a very sexy blonde. She said that she wanted to do some studying, but five minutes after she came over, they were putting the books down and things were getting really gorgeous. They were soon fooling around with each other and starting to take off each others clothes.

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Kinky Lesbian Mistress And Her Sex Slave

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Lezdom Strapon Fuck

Check out these photos from this wild and very kinky In Femdom adventure. This one features a very unmerciful lesbo dominatrix and her misbehaving lesbian sex slave. This was supposed to be a relaxing, maybe even a romantic walk along this empty beach. But instead the sex slave was complaining the whole time and causing other problems for the dominatrix. She would have to pay for her bad behavior.

She pulled the chain tight around her slaves neck and that definitely got her attention. Since, the slave was acting so dirty, she made her wade around in the water to clean herself up. Then it got really interesting. She put on her strap on dildo and made her sex captive suck her rubber penis. Then she pounded the sex slaves pussy until she orgasmed. She hoped that reward would make her act better.

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Dominatrix Punishes Her Lesbian Slave

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Dominatrix Punishes Her Lesbo Slave

Check out this kinky adventure fro the Bizarre Aged Club. Tonight, we have a misbehaving sex slave. Not only was she late for their appointment tonight, but the reason that she was late was because she was getting fucked by her man. Of course, the Dominatrix didn’t approve of this and the sex captive was going to have to be punished.

The sex slave knew she was in trouble when she was forced to go down into the dungeon, but she didn’t know exactly what the Mistress had in store for her today. It was worse than she could’ve ever imagined. The Dominatrix bound her by tape so that she couldn’t move. Then she covered her muth with the tape so that she couldn’t complain…or cry for help.

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Coed Bitch Seduces Her Friend

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Bet On Lesbian Sex

Bet On Lesbian Sex is what happens when two lustful rich cutie pies that have to much free time get together to play a game. The goal is to see who can seduce the most women. The loser has to buy the other chick a car. It sounds like a game that a bunch of frat boys would play, but these babes are just as fuck starved as guys and are looking to live out their wildest fantasies. See how Katty scored a point this weekend.

Saturday night she was hanging out with one of her friends and literally talked her right out of her clothes. She got this girl to confess that she had lesbian thoughts and soon they were exploring each others bodies with their hands and mouths. They fingered each other. Then they took turns licking each others soaking dripping muffs. It was the easiest point Katty has earned so far.

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Fuck starved Brunette Seduces Her Study Partner

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Bet On Lesbo Sex

I love fuck starved lesbo teens, especially like these two beauties fooling around on the couch. They were supposed to be studying for their science test next week, but the black haired babe has a bet that she’s trying to win with one of her kitten pie friends. The bet is that whoever can sleep with the most women wins. It sounds like some sort of bet a bunch of frat guys would come up with, but not this time. By seducing her study partner, this coed takes the lead in the bet. Check out these steamy lesbian photos and enjoy all of the action.

One minute, they were studying their book, the next they’re talking about sex. Being with another babe before came up and the next thing you know, clothes are starting to come off. Soon, they’re exploring each others bodies with their tongues and taking turns going down on each other. It’s so beautiful to watch! I think everyone is a winner in this bet.

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Dominatrix Fucks Her Lesbian Slave

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Dominatrix Fucks Her Lesbian Slave

Check out today’s very wild and kinky adventure from the Bizarre Experienced Club. This one features a cold-blooded dominatrix who is tired of her lesbian sex captive acting up. It’s time for a torment. She bounds her captive to a punishment stand, making sure that she can’t escape. She puts a gag in the captive’s mouth, she knows that she would whine and complain otherwise. Then she takes out her leather whip and starts to whip her slaves ass.

But that’s just the beginning. Her slave has been having sex with guys even though it’s been strictly forbidden, so she’s going to give her a rough fucking. The Dom is wearing a black strap on dildo and soon she’s pushing it deep inside of her slave’s tight cunt. The sextoy is heavy, it fills the slave’s vagina up completely and the hard fucking is almost too much for her to take.

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Coed Lesbo And Her New Friend

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Bet On Lesbian Sex

Check out these exciting photos from tonight’s steamy Bet On Lesbo Sex adventure. The bet is between Katty and her friend on who can have sex with the most women. Katty takes the lead with this black haired girl that she met at the club earlier in the night. Either of them could’ve gone home with any man in the club that they wanted, but wanted pussy, not sausage. They ended up on the dance floor making out as they moved their bodies, things got so pretty that soon they were headed back to Katty’s apartment.

They went straight to the bedroom and started to rip off each others clothes. Soon, they were both almost completely naked, rolling around on the bed as they made out and explored each others bodies. Soon, Katty was massaging and fingering her new friend’s soaking smooth vagina. It didn’t stop there. Katty was soon lowering her head between her friend’s legs and tasting her delicious vagina, licking it until she made her orgasm.

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